GoRide Mobility Programs (208-345-7433)


    A volunteer transportation service for seniors, veterans, those with disabilities and other needs individuals. The Volunteer/Driver Reimbursement Program currently provides low-cost transportation to individuals with mobility needs in Ada and Canyon counties. It will expand to add additional counties in the future.

   Volunteer drives share their time and vehicle and, if needed by a passenger, may use a Valley Regional Transit (VRT) owned accessible minivan.
The Volunteer/Driver Reimbursement Program:

  • Goes a step beyond fixed-line (regular Valleyride city bus) or ACCESS paratransit service. It has positive aspects for driving opportunities and riding opportunities for persons with disabilities and the elderly.
  • Currently serves large geographic areas of Ada and Canyon counties that are not served by Valleyride buses and hours beyond traditional bus service.

 Quick facts about volunteer drivers:

  • A driver may use his or her own vehicle and is reimbursed at the current federal reimbursement rate (currently 54 cents a mile).
  • Wheelchair accessible vans are available.
  • No minimum number of hours required to volunteer - just a valid driver's license, clean driving record, car safety inspection, willing to undergo a background check, and completion of a short National Safety Council Defensive Driving training program.

Quick facts for passengers:

  • Service is limited to outside normal bus and ACCESS routes.
  • Fulfilling ride requests dependent upon availability of a volunteer driver.
  • Not a replacement for ACCESS paratransit service.
  • Very affordable fares of just $3 per eight (8) miles of travel.
  • The program is designed specifically to assist people in leading, active social lives by providing service seven days a week at a very low cost.

Additional information about the following programs will be added soon to this page: Job Access Vanpool, Vehicle Sharing, Village Van and Carpool/Rideshare.


    An effective, affordable transportation alternative for low-income individuals. By partnering with area businesses, VRT is providing 7- and 12-passenger vans for daily work commute within Canyon County and between Ada and Canyon counties. Employers are encouraged to contact VRT (208-345-7433) about sponsoring a van. Valley Regional Transit is responsible for all maintenance and upkeep; passengers simply sit back and enjoy the ride to and from work.

  • There is a minimum of six passengers needed to participate (including the driver).
  • Employers are encouraged to contact VRT to establish vanpools for employees.
  • Vanpool must start or finish in Canyon County.


    The Vehicle Sharing Program loan vehicles, including passenger cars, minivans, vans and up to and including small buses that require a commercial driver's license, from a pool of vehicles. Participants, which include 501 (c)(3) organizations, social service agencies, churches and similar non-profit groups, pay a very affordable fee for the time they need the vehicle. The entity borrows the vehicle for a prearranged number of days per week, month, or during the year, and must provide a VRT-qualified volunteer driver. The vehicle must be returned clean and with a full tank of gas. VRT covers all other costs, including maintenance, insurance, tires and other regular operating expenses. Agencies are encouraged to contact VRT (208-345-7433) for more information about this program. Some restrictions do apply.


    A commuter service provided by the Ada County Highway District Rideshare. Reservations need to be made at least 24 hours in advance. READ MORE