ValleyRide Service Changes
  The following three service changes were implemented beginning Monday, December 28th:


Several stops along Broadway Avenue between Front Street and Beacon are closed due to the replacement of the Broadway Avenue Bridge. The following routes will be detoured for the duration of Broadway Bridge construction – which is expected to last until fall 2016:
1 Parkcenter     2 Broadway     18 Harris Ranch      40 Nampa Meridian Express     42 Nampa Meridian Limited Stop 43 Caldwell Express     44 Hwy 44 Express     45 BSU Express                        

   The following stops will be CLOSED for the duration of bridge construction:

Broadway& Beacon (northeast corner) -  Route  2
Broadway & University (southeast corner) – Routes  2, 18, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45
Broadway & University (northwest corner) Routes  2, 18, 40, 42, 43, 44, 45
Broadway & Park (northwest corner) - Routes  40, 42, 43, 44, 45
Broadway & Front (southeast corner) –Routes 40, 42, 43, 44, 45



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  •  For the updated Route 1 Parkcenter schedule and map click here  
  • The pathway taken by Route 1 Parkcenter has changed. Instead of turning left from Apple on to Boise Avenue (outbound), the bus will continue traveling on Apple to Bergeson, and make a left on Bergeson and back on route.
    Route 1 will no longer make the following stops:
    • TK and Diamond
    • Boise and Apple (east side of road)
    • Boise and Holden (south side)
    • Law and Wright (west side)
    • Bergeson and Minuteman (north side)
    • Bergeson and Apple (southeast corner)
    • Bergeson and Gekeler (east side)
    • Bergeson and Federal Way
    • Findley at PetCo
    • Federal Way and Findley
    • Federal Way at Fred Meyer
    • Bergeson and Gekeler
    • Federal Way and TK
    • Gekeler and Bergeson (northeast corner)
    • Federal Way and Findley

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The  construction of the 36th Street roundabout has resulted in a long-term detour of #10 Hill Road/Maple Grove. The outbound runs will no longer turn right on 36th from Taft and left from 36th on to Catalpa. Instead, the bus will continue to travel westbound on Taft to Tamarack, turn right on Tamarack and left on Catalpa back on route. The inbound runs will utilize the same route detour pathway.
   The closed outbound stops are 36th and Magnolia, 36th and Shasta, Catalpa and Hill Road and Catalpa and Tamarack. The closed inbound stops are Hill Road and Catalpa, 36th and Woody Drive, and 36th and Pinehurst.


Route 10 detour

If you have any questions about any of the service changes, contact Mark Carnopis, Community Relations Manager for Valley Regional Transit, at 208-258-2702 or