Canyon County
Routes & Hours of Services (Monday through Friday)


   Bus service is provided within most of the Nampa and Caldwell city limits and between the two cities. The days of operation are 6:20 a.m. to 7:15 p.m. MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY. Four all-day buses are deployed as a single route with two branches.
   To access information about pass sales outlets, Park & Ride facilities, major bus transfer locations, fares and access service, visit the guides section of this website.

No-service Holidays

New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, July 4th, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Day

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Passes and Other Information

   For information about Pass Sale Outlets, Park & Ride Facilities and Major Bus Transfer Locations plus other information visit the Guide section of this website.

GoRide Community Link routes provide limited free bus service to various locations in Canyon County, including the Caldwell YMCA

   The two routes - GoRide Community Link Nampa Service and GoRide Community Link Caldwell Service, provide weekday service between various locations in both cities and the Caldwell YMCA. On school days when school is in session, the routes provide one trip in the late afternoon/early evening. On weekdays when school is not in session (except for holidays), the routes provide three daily roundtrips. There is no cost to ride the routes. Brown Bus Company and Caldwell Transportation Services provide the buses for the service.
   Both routes connect to several ValleyRide bus routes. The Caldwell YMCA can also be accessed by ValleyRide Route 57 and through the GoRide Volunteer Driver Program.


  Language assistance is available to ValleyRide and ACCESS passengers. All calls for translator service must go through RideLine customer service (345-7433). The passenger must be able to either: tell the customer service representative what language they speak; be able to identify their language from a printed list if asking a bus operator for language assistance; or have someone call RideLine on their behalf. 

Nampa/Caldwell fixed-line, shuttle and flex routes: 

Caldwell SouthRoute 52
Route 52 Info

Caldwell's Route 52 is the existing route to West Valley Medical Center. IT OPERATES MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

Caldwell NorthRoute 54
Route 54 Info

Caldwell's Route 54 serves the Canyon County Courthouse and the neighborhoods north of 10th on both sides of Interstate 84. IT OPERATES MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

Nampa SouthRoute 51
Route 51 Info

Nampa's Route 51 is the service along South 12th and parallel streets to the east, serving all the major destinations in this area. The route serves the BSU West Campus, the Nampa Recreation Center, Northwest Nazarene University, several dense apartment areas, and numerous discount and grocery stores. To access the route schedule and map, click on the ROUTE 51 INFO link to the left. IT OPERATES MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

Nampa NorthRoute 53
Route 53 Info

Nampa's Route 53 serves Garrity Blvd. to Mercy North. It runs outbound on 16th, inbound on 11th, providing access to both areas. To access the route schedule and map, click on the ROUTE 53 INFO link to the left. IT OPERATES MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY.

CWI ShuttleRoute 55
Route 55 Info

THIS SHUTTLE ONLY OPERATES DURING THE SCHOOL YEAR. This shuttle service is timed to meet CWI class start and end times. It provides weekday service to four CWI campuses in Nampa - the Canyon County Center, the Micron Center for Professional and Technical Education, the Aspen Classroom Building, and the Academic Building on the Nampa Campus site. This shuttle is open to the general public. The route also provides service to the Walmart and the CWI Park & Ride. Please note that this service does not operate on days when school is not in session. Also, the CWI shuttle operates a limited schedule on Fridays (ending service at 2:10 p.m. at the Canyon County Center). 

Nampa/Caldwell FlexRoute 57
Route 57 Info

Route 57 Nampa/Caldwell Flex is a dial-a-ride type service provides MONDAY THROUGH FRIDAY service from a large geographic area of Caldwell and Nampa to key locations within that service area. The only specific pickup and drop-off locations are the Caldwell and Nampa Health and Welfare offices, the Caldwell YMCA, Southwest District Health, the Department of Labor office and the Veterans Affairs Community Based Outreach Clinic in Caldwell, Karcher Mall, and the Cleveland Boulevard/Walmart fixed-stop. A pickup location must be within the pickup area. Passengers have to schedule a ride on this route. Passengers have to call in by 3:45 p.m. the weekday before your trip. A ride can be scheduled up to two weeks in advance. To schedule a ride, call 345-7433. The cost of a trip is $1 and a Valleyride local or universal pass will be accepted on this route. Hours of operation are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.