ValleyRide: What’s Happening

Road construction, planned outdoor events, and holidays can result in changes in service, temporary route detours or the relocation of bus stops. Here's the latest information about current and upcoming changes in service:                        

  • ROUTE 4 - The inbound stop at Main and 11th is closed. Please use the stop at the southeast corner of 13th and Main.
  • ROUTES 6, 7, 8, 11 and 40 - The outbound stop at 30th and Main is closed and a temporary stop cone has been placed far side at Main and 28th.
  • ROUTES 4, 7, 8, 8X, 11, 40, 42, 43 - The inbound stop at 11th and Main is closed. Please use the stop at 13th and Main.
  • ROUTE 10 - The outbound stops at Maple Grove and Workland and Maple Grove and Halstead are closed. There are no temporary stop cones. The inbound and outbound stops at Goddard and Milwaukee are closed. Temporary stop cones haves been placed before the stops.
  • ROUTES 8/8X - Several stops on Five Mile Road between Emerald and Fairview are closed due to construction. The only outbound stops along this section of the routes are located on the north side of Emerald east of the Emerald/Five Mile intersection and on the east side of Five Mile just south of the Fairview intersection (temporary stop). The only inbound stops are located at the shelter on the west side of Five Mile just south of the Fairview intersection and on the south side of Emerald east of the intersection with Five Mile (temporary stop). Also, a temporary stop cone has been placed at the bus pad on the outbound stop at Five Mile and Country Squire.  
    Last Update: Monday, July 14, 2014

   Changes to some of the downtown Boise locations where ValleyRide buses stage were implemented Tuesday, May 27th. These changes are necessary due to the construction of the downtown Boise multimodal center. A section of Main Street between 8th Street and Capitol Boulevard will be excavated as part of the process to build the underground multimodal center. These changes in routing are expected to remain in place until summer 2016.
   The transfer zones that are closed:

  • Zone 2 at Main and 9th, which served routes 8X, 9, 9X, 10, 11 and 14.
  • Zone 3 at Main and 8th, which served routes 2, 4, 16 and 17.

   Routes using these zones will now stage on Idaho Street (except for routes 4-5, which will stage on 9th and Grove). The Idaho Street bus staging area will expand to include the north side of the street between 8th and 9th.
Inter county routes 40 and 42-44 also are impacted by the closure once the buses reach downtown. We have set up an information page that provides more details about the service changes. READ MORE

» Become a Travel Information Volunteer and ride for free!
   Valley Regional Transit is looking for Travel Information Volunteers (TIV) to help people learn how to use our bus system. As a volunteer, you will assist on-board passengers with their transportation needs. As an active TIV, you will be helping others and riding the bus for free! If you know the Treasure Valley, are knowledgeable about our bus services and can pass a background check, we want to hear from you. Please call Ken at 208-559-1888 to learn more. Thanks. 

» GoRide Community Link routes provide service to various locations in Ada and Canyon counties, including Caldwell YMCA
The two routes - GoRide Community Link Nampa Service and GoRide Community Link Caldwell Service, provide weekday service between various locations in both cities and the Caldwell YMCA. The full schedule, which includes morning, noon and early evening route runs, will operate March 24-28. On days when school is in session, the service provides for one route run for both the Nampa Service and Caldwell Service routes. There is no cost to ride the buses, which are provided by Brown Bus Company and Caldwell Transportation Services. Both routes connect to several ValleyRide bus routes. The YMCA can also be accessed by ValleyRide Route 57 and through the GoRide Volunteer Driver Program.

» Google Transit Trip Planner
    ValleyRide passengers can now plan their bus trip via Google Transit! Get step-by-step transit directions in your web browser or on your mobile phone (download Google Maps for your phone at by entering in the specifics of your trip in the Treasure Valley. Enter your origin and final destination information and Google Transit will let you know the bus route(s) you can use and the next pickup and drop-off times. If you need to plan for a future trip, you can enter a specific date and time.
      Please note that the Main Street section of the downtown Boise Transit Mall is closed. Information on alternate bus staging stops is available on the inter county and Ada County webpages. We are in the process of updating the trip planner to reflect this transit mall section closure. If you would like to speak with someone regarding bus route information, you can still call RideLine Customer Service at (208) 345-RIDE (7433).