ValleyRide: What’s Happening

Road construction, planned events, and holidays can result in service changes, temporary route detours or relocation of bus stops. Whenever possible, we will post short-term service changes on this home page. For long-term service changes, you can  ACCESS THE RIDER ALERTS INFORMATION PAGE

Rider Alert - Fairview/Cole intersection (Routes 7A/7B)
Phase 2 of the Fairview/Cole interchange reconstruction has resulted in a detour of a section of Route 7A. The detour has resulted in the temporary closure of two regular inbound stops on southbound Cole Road. Also, lane restrictions on Fairview at the Cole intersection has resulted in the closure of two 7A/7B outbound and inbound stops (Fairview and Cole and Fairview and El Dorado). To learn more about these and other long- and short-term service changes, please access our rider alerts information page.

Free Wi-Fi now available on ValleyRide buses                                                 

Bike storage room at Main Street Station now open

Bike Storage Room SignA secure bike storage room is now available for use at Main Street Station. The storage room is located in the southwestern corner of the station. It has a capacity of 30 bikes and includes a work station, air compressor and video surveillance camera. Those interested in utilizing the bike storage room must first sign an agreement form which is available at the station's customer service office. There is a fee for using the bike storage room.
Access the agreement form and read more about the bike storage room

Bus locator portal available for public use


Valley Regional Transit (VRT) has partnered with intelligent transportation system provider Routematch Software to create an online bus locator portal that shows where a ValleyRide bus is currently located. The portal allows riders to quickly and conveniently view where buses are in real time on any given route through an interactive map. This real time information is instantaneously pulled from tablet devices that capture GPS information from buses on the 26 ValleyRide bus routes. In the event that a bus stops transmitting its location data or is not equipped with GPS, it will not appear on this website, even though it is in service. In cases when there is no bus locator information, you can call RideLine customer service at 345-RIDE (7433). You can access the portal by clicking on the map above or by entering in your web browser.        

Follow our Travel Training Program on Facebook
               Photo of TIV Joyce C.

  OurFacebook Logo Travel Training Program provides one-on-one and group training on how to use our transportation services upon request. The training can be as simple as helping someone understand printed mapTIV Helton Photos and schedules to a full ride-along on the bus.The program also supervises Travel Information Volunteers (TIVs) who provide travel assistance on ValleyRide buses. For the latest news on what the program is up to, click on the Facebook icon.        

   Joyce C and Jesse H. are our two newest TIVs. Joyce works from home as a reservationist and has been riding ValleyRide buses for a little more than three years. She was interested in the TIV program because she loves helping people find their way around Boise. John is a full-time student who has been riding ValleyRide buses for about a year. He was interested in the program because he wants to be able to help more people and to have a reason to ride more of the bus system daily.

There currently are 13 Travel Information Volunteers. READ MORE about our Travel Training/TIV programs and our TIV volunteers.